Episode 9 – If I’ve Been Drinking

On this episode, we talk to a pair of representatives from New Era Cap, as well as Fraser Davidson about SBNation United. We also talk about Week 2 of the NCAA, Week 1 of the NFL, Herringbone, and Our Top 5, which was Top 5 SBNation United Logos.

0:02:15 – Introductions, How to Reach Us, and the announcement of Twitter Takes.
0:06:20 – The News. For pictures, as always, check our Tumblr.
0:59:30 – Interview with Dana Marciniak and Mark Krause of New Era Cap.
1:36:15 – Interview with Director, Animator, and Designer Fraser Davidson.
2:12:40 – Top 5 SBNation United Logos
2:23:35 – Our musical guest, Justin Townes Earle, courtesy Bloodshot Records, future episode announcement, and signoffs.

Download (right click, 136.6 MB)

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4 Responses to Episode 9 – If I’ve Been Drinking

  1. Tom O'Grady says:

    The New Era interview is hilarious… Dana Marciniak is the New Era NFL Police. She’s got a piece of paper and cueing poor Mark, “okay, you talk…” LogoCast needs to call the interviewees at home so this stuff isn’t censored. That’s so fucking lame that a PR-mole is on the call. He sounds like a really bright guy and can speak for himself. Boy, I really miss working for a League… fuck no!

  2. Tom O'Grady says:

    New Era was responsible for the “DN” secondary design they created back around 1993. We brought into the Nuggets identity when they went to the light blue program. http://tinyurl.com/9v26nrn

  3. Tom O'Grady says:

    Best show yet. Damn. I better have my A-game ready for the Logocasters. Great work men!

  4. Nick says:

    Battle of California rules.

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